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Family law matters often cause more stress and anxiety than any other type of legal issue you will ever face.

Finding a family lawyer in Tyler, TX who cares about your family is essential.

Some attorneys spend very little time on your case and do not regularly keep you informed about court dates, new developments, and the opposing party's actions. That's not how we operate.

At the Pesina Law Firm, we spend dedicated time learning about what you want from your case and helping you achieve your goals quickly.

If you are looking for a trusted family lawyer serving Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas, please contact the Pesina Law Firm today. We are always happy to help.

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A Family Law Attorney On Your Side

Why Work With Nick Pesina?

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Protect Your Rights

Our experienced family law attorney in Tyler will help you understand your rights and protect your family.

Family Law
Care For Your Family

Our law firm treats your family law case the way we would treat our own. The people you care about matter to us.

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Get Peace Of Mind

When you work with us, you’ll have confidence that your case will result in the best possible outcome for you and your family.

A Divorce Attorney Who Wants What’s Best For You

Divorce Lawyer in Tyler, TX

Divorce is often an overwhelming experience. Most people feel:

  • Confused about the divorce process
  • Anxious about their children’s future
  • Angry or hurt because of the situation

East Texans trust Nick Pesina as their divorce attorney in Tyler, TX. That's because he makes the process simple, listens to their needs, and helps their families move forward as whole and peacefully as possible.

Unfortunately, some family law attorneys exploit emotionally vulnerable divorcees to make more money from the case. Increasing drama intensifies conflict, which drags out the divorce process and makes it more profitable for family lawyers.

Finding a Tyler divorce lawyer who is more concerned with your well-being than profiting from your divorce is crucial to ensure your family gets the peaceful resolution they deserve.

When you step inside the doors at the Pesina Law Firm, you'll know right away we do things differently. We will greet you with a smile and sit down with you to listen to your needs. Our goal is to reduce stress and minimize drama so that you and your children can get through this difficult time.

We’ll help you navigate every aspect of your divorce case, including child custody and support, separation of assets, and any other family law needs you have.

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A Child Custody Lawyer Fighting For Your Family

Child Custody Attorney in Tyler, TX

Child custody cases are the most painful and stressful part of any family matter, whether divorce or another family law issue. Nothing matters more than the safety and well-being of your kids. That's why at the Pesina Law Firm, we will fight for your kids like we would our own.

Child custody and visitation arrangements are necessary in many situations, such as determining custody during a divorce or removing a child from an unsafe situation.

If you need a child custody lawyer in Tyler, TX to help you ensure your child is taken care of, Nick Pesina can help.

Several child custody solutions exist to ensure children are in a safe and loving environment where they can thrive:

  • Joint managing conservatorship: This arrangement is what most people refer to as “joint custody.” Both parents share the rights and responsibilities of raising a child.

  • Sole managing conservatorship: Most people call this "sole custody," where one parent is given the right to decide on schooling, healthcare, and more.

  • Parent possessory conservatorship: An arrangement where one parent is the sole managing conservator. That means they have visitation rights but do not have the final say in parenting decisions.

  • Suit affecting the parent-child relationship: In some cases, someone other than the parent pursues custody. A suit affecting the parent-child relationship will need to be filed in this case.

We can also help you file for child support or modify your child custody agreement if circumstances have changed and you need to update the standing orders.

Contact the Pesina Law Firm today if you need a family law attorney in Tyler, TX who will dedicate himself to ensuring your case and your family receives the care and attention they deserve.

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If you need a family attorney or divorce lawyer in Tyler, Texas, call Nick Pesina today. He will meet with you, learn about your goals for your case, and help you develop a plan to accomplish them.

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